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Why choose us

A track record in successful treatments.

8 out of 10 couples who had turned to us have achieved their desired pregnancy (in the group of physically healthy women aged 30-50 years using donor eggs).
We do not have a waiting list or a queue.

You have an opportunity to start your treatment on the day you have selected.
Tailored approach to the needs of patients.

A dedicated team of specialists is assigned to each patient. On the first visit, you will have the coordinator and attending physician, either of whom you can contact at any time and be assured that they will possess all the relevant information to your case.
The patient is the priority to us.

In our medical center the relationship between patient and physician is built on mutual trust. Interaction between the patient and the doctor consists of three main components: support, understanding and respect.
Organizational effectiveness.

We have developed a process such that the time from initiation of treatment up until the pregnancy test takes no longer than 60 days. This means that you only need to make 2 visits to the clinic and that the time from the initiation of treatment up until the pregnancy test takes no more than 60 days.
Legality and complete confidentiality.

Ukrainian legislation allows usage of donor eggs in fertility treatment.

Our staff communicates in English, Italian and French. For your convenience, all messages and documents will be prepared and delivered in your own language.
The treatment cost.

The prices quoted for treatment are final and there would not be any additional costs.

The total cost of treatment

€ 4000 EUR

IVF package with
fresh donor oocytes
€ 150 EUR

Donor sperm
€ 2 500 EUR

Transfer of frozen
donor embryo/s
IVF package with fresh donor oocytes–INCLUDING: donor matching, donor medical and genetic examination, donor compensation, donor controlled ovarian stimulation, follicular growth monitoring: US and bloods, donor oocyte pick-up and fertilisation via ICSI (IMSI, PICSI), embryo transfer, full on-line support until 12 weeksof pregnancy).

Our egg donors

They are young women, 21-30 years old and in good physical health, lacking negative phenotypical manifestations, congenital and hereditary genetic disorders in the family history, bad habits: drug addiction, alcoholism, substance abuse, smoking. Each donor has her own healthy child/children.

Donors are selected based on strict medical criteria, they have passed medical and genetic testing, screening for HIV, hepatitis B and C, syphilis, and urogenital TORCH infections and they have no restrictions to donate oocytes.

We strive to achieve the maximum resemblance in physical (phenotypical) characteristics between the donor and the patient, using an extensive database of egg donors and our previous experience with the donor.

The decision of the donor is conscious, voluntary and free; the donor signs consent for donation of their eggs to a couple wishing to have children. The donor has no parental rights to the child that is born.

Donors’ testing and procedures involving them in our medical center is carried out strictly on the basis of current official regulations of the Ministry of Health and is fully consistent with Ukrainian legislation.

How do we operate

Your decision.

Having made the decision, you can directly contact us with a request for consultation. A medical coordinator will contact you and coordinate your communication with the assigned attending physician.
Confirmation of the most suitable method of treatment.

Communicating with your doctor is possible during the on-line consultation on Skype, in social networks, by e-mail and phone. The consultation will result in a confirmation of the treatment method most suitable for you.
Selection of the egg donor.

For the selection of donors, we ask you to complete a questionnaire in which you can specify the donor requests, as well as blood type and Rh factor of both partners. We may ask for your consent to provide us with your photograph in order to facilitate the selection of the phenotypical characteristics of the donor. After the selection of the suitable donors, within 1-2 days a medical coordinator will inform you immediately in order to coordinate the donor candidature.
Preparation of the egg donor.

We begin donor preparation after signing the contract and following the receipt of 25% of the cost of treatment. Donors undergo a course of therapy for ovarian stimulation lasting about two weeks.
Synchronization of your menstrual cycle with the donor.

In order to improve the odds of embryo implantation you need to receive treatment from the 1st day of menstruation lasting 14 days so that the endometrium of the uterus has grown to a certain thickness. At 12-14 days of the menstrual cycle you need to undergo an ultrasound at your local gynecologist in order to assess the thickness of the endometrium. The results of ultrasound would be advised in the way the most convenient for you.
Your first visit to the clinic.

During the visit, we will offer you a medical examination, which includes a transvaginal ultrasound for women, the semen analysis for partner, and to draw blood samples for laboratory tests. If you have a partner, he needs to be in the hospital with you. During this visit, a man will provide sperm, which we can cryogenically preserve and which will fertilize the donor’s eggs.
Collecting donor’s eggs and in-vitro fertilization.

Donor’s cells are obtained via puncture of the ovaries of the donor under anesthesia. Fertilization of the donor eggs with the sperm of your partner/spouse is performed on the day of the procedure via intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) of the donor’s eggs. Embryos can develop in the laboratory up to 120 hours (5 days). Based on the number, development and quality of embryos, the embryologist determines the optimum time to introduce embryos and we can inform you about the time of the second visit to the clinic. As a rule, it takes place 5 days after the puncture of the donor but it can take place in 2 - 4 days.
Your second visit to the clinic and embryo introduction.

During the second visit to the clinic introduction of embryos into the uterine cavity will be performed. According to the regulations, we can introduce up to 3 embryos, but usually, the average number is 2. The embryos are collected in a special catheter and introduced by the gynecologist under ultrasound guidance into the uterus. Anesthesia is not required. Out of the introduced embryos only one is typically implanted. However one should bear in mind that in some cases more than one can be implanted which may lead to a multiple pregnancy. The remaining high-quality embryos are cryogenically preserved (frozen). Following the procedure, you will lie down for about 1 hour and then you can resume your normal activity. You can plan to return home on the same day.
Waiting period.

From this moment on, your body and nature will play their part. We recommend you to lead a quiet and sedentary lifestyle within 1-2 weeks and to continue regularly taking your medications, according to a doctor's prescription in the discharge sheet. 10 - 12 days after the introduction, a urine or blood pregnancy test can be performed. If the results of a pregnancy test are positive, it is advised to continue taking medications and to order ultrasound at your gynecologist in 12-14 days after a positive test. We will be in touch with you and help you in everything you need.


Ulanova Veronica -
medical director
Strelko Galina -
head doctor
Every patient in our center has an allocated support team of specialists including a fertility specialist, embryologist, an expert in the field of implantology, development of human embryos, and genetics, molecular biologist, medical ultrasound diagnostics specialist, an anesthesiologist and medical coordinator.

Each team that works with the patient is lead by an experienced fertility specialist - chief physician Galina Strelko or medical director Veronica Ulanova. You can be assured that they will possess all the information on your individual case and personally monitor every step of the procedure. These doctors will be with you from the beginning up until the pregnancy and if necessary further on.

You will always have an opportunity to ask clarifying questions or to coordinate your actions without repeating your situation each time to new staff members.
Kiev, Ukraine, Kudryavskaya 31-33